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Judy Hardin Cheung was born, raised and still lives in Sonoma County, California. She is a retired teacher who began teaching kindergarten in Methodist Sunday School at age 13, for 4 1/2 years taught 7th grade English, reading and social studies in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and taught developmentally disabled people for 30 years at Sonoma Developmental Center. She then retired to be Secretary and Administrator of Chinese language classes for the Redwood Empire Chinese Association, President of Poets of the Vineyard, Vice President of Artists Embassy International and Secretary of United Poets Laureate International. This year, 2016, Judy is also the President of the 24th World Congress of Poets in Sonoma County, California.

Judy’s current life is filled with people, organizations and working towards the understanding and acceptance of all people as we live with each other around the world. We no longer live in the comfort of isolated communities, ignorant and out of touch with the world. We live in a world of email and Facebook zapping our words and images around the world in less than a second. Our neighbors, friends and families are now scattered all over the Earth. In-laws no longer necessarily look like our grandparents. The lives of our grandparents are read about in awe as our children study history books. Even we, as older adults, are looked at with disbelief when our computer skills are compatible with Windows 3 instead of Windows 10. We are all teetering on top of a precarious position as we try to balance our cycles and transitions on our ever changing, bumpy road of life.