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APRIL 2016



Jeffrey Williams has written poetry for many years and his work has been used internationally in numerous ceremonies and publications. Jeffrey has published four books of poetry and his poetry is no stranger to recognition. In 1992, his poem Mission Accomplished was used during the closing ceremonies of the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command. That poem now resides on permanent display at the SAC Museum in Omaha, NE. In 1999, Jeffrey was the recipient of the International Society of Poets’ Poet of the Year Award. After completing a successful career in the United States Air Force, Jeffrey returned to his hometown of Washington DC. Along with performing his poetry nationally and internationally, he is a Certified Picture Framercm and operates his own custom picture framing company.





This Cup I Cannot Pass


I look around, I feel too new to apostle the words You ask.

I see all is Thine; I am humbled by Your presence.


I hear Your Words, then look around, something seems amiss.

Your shepherd’s staff led me well, guiding me from danger.

Now You ask for a leap of faith to cross my greatest challenge.


I look around and see others straying from Your spoken path.

Do you want me working side-by-side with those unproven to

Your task? What do you mean mine is not to judge but to

follow with an opened heart, a model for Your way?


No, I am not without, first nor last,

I cannot cast a stone.

Your point well taken,

a decision I must make.

I know the answer,

this cup I cannot pass.


Help me please,

which path am I to walk,

against my grain with disdain,

or with your grain and the pain

that comes with righteous living?


I look around, I understand, my mind and spirit now one.

My actions and my words…Your gifts, Your tools, guided by Your Light.




Rainbow Lady


I am ebony, cinnamon, ivory, copper and cream and my

eyes reflect the rainbow of life. I am too tough to care

and too fine to share and the world has made me

beautiful beyond compare


Forever sold, bought and sought by men of

carnal thought, I am the mother of all nations and

the peoples of the world are my bastard children.

I am the womanhood of mankind, the beauty, the

intelligence, the creativity and the compassion,

from man I came and from me comes man.


I am a contradiction in terms, loving my enemies and

disregarding myself while controlling tremendous power

and wealth. I am the essence of all the world, I am

everything decent and content, I am an American

woman of African descent.






No distance is too

far nor moment too short

when my thoughts are of you.

Awaking from

a restful sleep wrapped in

your blanket of love, reaching out

my hand, knowing I have traveled through

time because you really are lying by my side.

A mile is but a second

when I dream of our next

embrace of endless beauty;

boundless ecstasy of human emotion,

trembling as the first lake swim after

a long winter thaw.

Glimpsing your

smile or hearing the sweet

melody of your hello erases all

meaning of time. Your radiant love

adds new dimensions to my life and builds

…a staircase to my heart only you shall climb.




In This Home


In this home, respect, trust and cooperation are the guiding principles.

The abundance of patience is the cornerstone of our commitment

to God, our guests and each other.


In this home, evil does not enter, “cannot” is left at the curb,

and loneliness does not exist; God’s grace and understanding

thrive in an environment of charity and encouragement.


In this home, challenges are sought as opportunities to succeed.

Gratitude, faith and hope nourish the recipes of our desires and

vigilant prayer is the bond that secures our future.


The blessings of this home encircle all whom cross its threshold

as does the friendship of its caretakers, within these walls expect

to always feel the humility of this special place to rest.




In Those Moments


In the solitude of my thoughts,

I see your beauty and I feel your touch,

I mourn the emptiness of being apart.


When we are apart, I am aware of your presence,

your essence surrounds like a sundrenched Caribbean day

and your voice soothes like the rhythmic approach of quiet tide.


In those moments,

I experience the comfort of your embrace

as you pull me closer and closer until we blend into one,

Your mind aware of my thoughts, my heart sustained by yours;

as though we transcend corporeal form, and succumb to an enlightened



…a moment of profound contentment where…


I am whole, without worry or anxiety, and the reassurance of your smile

and the warmth of your caress instills my belief in better days

and more time spent enjoying each other.


Each moment before we kiss,

I feel your urgent anticipation of the second and third,

I savor your gentle embrace and ride your wave of ecstasy.


In those moments when we make love,

silence is not lonely and words acquiesce to

quiescence as we share the transparency of being in love.