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The song of humpbacked whales,
breath of life flowing through conch shells,

uniquely decorated flukes falling on waves
huge white flippers slapping the water.

Imagine a grizzly bear on its haunches
in the bend of the river scooping up silver slivers,
tossing minnows into its yawning mouth.

Forests, canyons, waterfalls, double rainbows,
the smile of a breeze holding us in thrall.

Blush of a bride, the sky at sun rise, sun set 
spreading in wild abandonment.

Imagine cloud formations of changing configurations, 
dove white to crow black, altocumulus to tornado chasers.

Smile of a camel filling the loneliness of a desert,
a cheetah in motion, the dance of King Cobras.

Sighing of leaves when the wind gives them a shake,
hawks soaring on tides of air, wings streamlined.

A colony of bats singing, meditating upside down
on an ancient tree grown large as a grandparent.

The majesty of a reclusive snow leopard disappearing
in a blizzard on the slopes of Mount Everest. 

A smoking volcano blowing spectacular hoops 
of fire, pouring molten lava for days. 

Imagine a stately cavalcade of moving mountains of ice
in the Arctic shimmering with the aurora borealis.

Brightly coloured wings of a butterfly hovering,
their translucency in moonlight revealing… 

Now open your eyes wide and bear witness
to a world bereft of nature’s largesse.


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