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MARCH 2016



Vijay Kumar Roy (MA, LLB, CELTA, PhD) is a bilingual Indian poet writing in English and Hindi. He is the author of Realm of Beauty and Truth: A Collection of Poems (2016), Aesthetic of John Keats: An Indian Approach (2010), and Premanjali (A Collection of Poems in Hindi) (2009). He has also edited twelve books: Post-Independence Indian Poetry in English: New Experimentation (2015), Comparative Literature: Critical Responses (2014), Contemporary Indian Fiction in English: Critical Studies (2013), Value Education and Professional Ethics: An Anthology (2013), English Language Teaching: New Approaches and Methods (2013), The Melodies of Immortality (An Anthology of Poetry) (2012), Humanities and Social Sciences: The Quintessence of Education (2012), Spiritual Poetry of India in English Translation (2012), Contemporary Indian Spiritual Poetry in English: Critical Explorations (2012), Teaching of English: New Dimensions (2012), Indian Poetry in English: A Comprehensive Study (2011), and Women’s Voice in Indian Fiction in English (2011).

Roy teaches English at Northern Border University, Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has also taught at SRM University, NCR Campus, Ghaziabad, UP. Besides being associated with a number of academic societies and research journals, he is editor-in-chief of Ars Artium (, a widely indexed international research journal of humanities and social sciences. He can be contacted at:




Life on a Mission


Life on a mission doesn’t sate with wealth and powers

Its shelter is peace and blissful hours.


Abstract is truth, concrete a mere shadow

When mind does muddle, heart should be followed.


Sweetest acts bear the power of divine grace

Emanating from devotion and forbearance.


Love is potent, hatred a hollow pillar

Humanity is wealth, face a mirror.


Good deeds for mankind are the best services to our Lord,

Those are piles of sins that are acquired through sword.





Mystery Resolved


Teasing of wind to the tender flowers,

Playing of kids, pups and calves,

The movements of herds in the meadows,

Shyness of lovely creatures

All lead to resolve the mystery of life

That years of perusal fail to do.

The enchantment of cascades,

Serpentine rivers amidst the hills,

New crops of the farmers,

The fruits of naturally grown trees,

Bring us close to the Creator

Who reminds our duty as the Crown of Creation!




Fruit of Love


The force of love is the mightiest

And most ethereal

Among all prime forces

Within one’s ken.

Its perennial effect sank me in a sea

Alluring to lead me to the path of a savant.

I njoyed all elements in its core –

Kiss, caress, and embrace much more

Learning a lesson of beauty, the dearest

And found a sweet pearl, the rarest.


This pearl is but a gift

Which can be found only in that sea.

Anybody can become a recipient of it

If he is a worshipper of beauty!




Divine Bliss


Special attire, long beard and time-honoured pilgrimage

Don’t certify one to enter the divine world;

It demands virtuous deeds, truthfulness, magnanimity

And the same smile in pleasure and pain with full honesty.


Hollow prayer is that what comes from a compulsion

True practice of a religion equates with humane action;

He enjoys divine bliss who believes in universal love

He dies many times who worships hawk and hates white dove .


Boasting one’s strident faith is not a divine act

It’s the most dangerous historical fact.

Treating all as one leads to a transcendental world

Where none can go without being called.





Beauty is the Essence of life


Beauty is the essence of life.

It dwells in imagination,

leaves shadows in perception

and strengthens my dedication

for welfare of earthly creatures

whose company is not less

than divine caress

attained by our ancient sages

living in the caves of the Himalayas

and craving to achieve it by the penance of decades.