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JULY 2016



Judy Davies lives in Gautier, Mississippi, USA. She was the Mississippi Senior Poet Laureate in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and its 2013 National Honor Scroll winner. She is a member of the United Poets Laureate International. A semi-retired professional French hornist, she manages the music and book publishing business for composer husband, Ken. Her chapbook, Poetic Images, was released in 2011; and in 2012 she and Ken released Poetic Soundscapes, their first collaborative CD of Judy’s poetry with his custom crafted music. She and her husband have presented poetry/music workshops in Mississippi and Alabama, and Poetic Soundscapes has also been performed on NACUSA and Society of Composers concerts. A second chapbook and CD of poetry and music are in the works. Judy was a grand prize winner in the 2014 Dancing Poetry competition and a finalist in the 2015 United Poets Laureate International Global Poetry Contest. Internationally published, she has written over 400 poems with her poetry and prose garnering numerous awards. Active in the Mississippi Poetry Society and in its local South Branch, she recently completed two years as state president of the Mississippi Poetry Society and has been awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award. She and her husband have four children, six grandchildren and two cats. The cats still live at home.





An intricate pen and ink drawing hangs in our entrance hall;

it defines our home as welcoming to artists one and all.

The canvas is always ready, the mission always clear;

an atmosphere for creativity is allowed to flourish here.


Precision and patience work magic in clay and in stone.

Potters fashion their clay; sculptors chip away the unknown.

The artist is poise with his brush in hand,

“Bring the canvas to life” is his internal command.


The composer refines sound using ear and electronics,

stringing together pitch sets, notes and harmonics.

Sensitive creativity and originality he must release

providing the framework for each masterpiece.


Dancers develop poise in body with purposefulness,

from plié to pointe, the embodiment of gracefulness.

Dancing with abandon, each performance flawless,

speaking through motion, the epitome of artfulness.


Through prose and poetry the writer’s feelings are heard

as he hones his craft of the written word.

Drawing in his reader, giving voice through technique,

with spirit and soul his art form must speak.


Whether captured in clay, on canvas or in stone,

via music, dance or simply words alone,

the creative process brings new life to our health

when we hunger for culture, not just monetary wealth.


Each form of artistry plays a critical part,

each displays vision through its own brand of art.

Absence of the arts points us down a black hole.

The essence of art is it enriches the soul.




Carry Me High

Carry me high to my resting place,

strong young men with backs of brawn;

carry me under the drooping leaves

of willow trees in dew-wet dawn.


Carry me high in the searing sun,

shuffle the dust that’s scorched and brown.

Carry me high in the noonday light,

I’ll wear its gold as my final crown.


The sun will set on my resting place.

Strong young men bend knee and thigh

to touch the grass and roughened earth.

It’s my final trip home, so carry me high.




Artist’s Palette

Form: Marianne Sonnet Variation

A ray of sunlight streams from sky to page.

Its brilliance speaks like drama scenes on stage;

its radiance beams outside as it glows.

With intense thought an image comes of age,

tho’ while it brings some joy, the painter knows

the time has come for brushes to compose

a piece of art where he invites life’s zest.

He paints the soul, then watches as it grows


into its own; creates his artwork’s best.

The artist makes his mark, lets painting rest

until the picture feels sincere and right;

his vision puts to him the final test.


The artist’s palette eye is plain to see,

this work brings comfort; it will set him free.

He has influenced what great art can be.