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JUNE 2016

Ms. Bridget Eu Yoke Lin


Bridget Eu Yoke Lin is from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, educated in London, UK and in Melbourne, Australia. She is a life member with the World Congress of Poets, World Academy of Arts and Culture (WAAC) and a life member with the United Poets Laureate International (UPLI). As such, she has given recitals locally and internationally in Japan, USA and in Singapore. She has composed nearly 200 poems of which 120 poems are published in her two poetry books “When Footsteps Merge” and “A Horizon of Jewels”. Her poems, “Dancing Jewels” and “Lavender Purple, Lavender Blue” have won awards in the 21st and 22nd Dancing Poetry Festival in San Francisco. Her poem “Here and Now” has won a bronze medal in the UPLI Global Poetry Contest under Dancing Poetry Category. Her other poems including “To Have Lived an Age” have won poetry excellence in WCP Osaka. Her passion is writing poetry on humanity to promote peace and brotherhood, also poetry that illuminates the wonders of nature. She is a Director, Administrator and Educator in the field of caring.




A Hefty Price

The sea was crying in pain

To mourn the migrants lost in waters deep. Not again!

This had happened many times before

Their wishes unanswered once more

The migrants had left their homeland

Feeling mad and sad

With hopes to reach another land

That situation there was not so bad

A hefty price, they had to pay

To reach the shore before break of day

The boats were over packed

Was this the reason for shipwreck?

Rescue ships, soon in sight

The survivors few, loved ones drowned in plight

A hefty price paid for the dead

In media, as we watched, our tears overflow, our hearts bled




At 3 a.m

At 3 a.m. when all was dark

A light shone through where triaged patients park

Oxygen, stethoscopes and caring hands in need

The patients saved, well to feed

At 3 a.m. when all was dark

A light shone through the Intensive Block

Wheezing sounds and machines bleep

Code Blue response, patient saved, none to weep

At 3 a.m. when all was dark

A light shone through the Maternity Room

Doctors and midwives busy, husbands in Waiting Room

The mothers’ joy, the babies in boom

At 3 a.m. when all was dark

A light shone through the patients’ beds

A check that patients were not in pain

And blankets for those who shivered in beds

At 3 a.m. when all was dark

A light shone through as Florence Days

This light was never dim since those days

As nurses of the world kept vigil for patients’ sake

At 3 a.m. when all was dark

At 3 a.m. when all asleep

At 3 a.m. round the clock, 12 midnight

Doctors, nurses, awake, day and night




Has it to be this way?

Forlorn women walked and walked in endless steps

Carrying their young on their shoulders in burdened steps

The elderly limped weakly behind in feeble steps

Carrying their heavy load that troubled those steps

Fleeing a war zone, their desperation

To a refugee camp, their destination

The journey, tedious and long

Their energy could not last too long

Their minds, however, focused to survive

Their hearts, set on fire, burning alive

To pray for their husbands, brothers, fathers to be alive

Somehow, their spirits spurred to survive

Has it to be this way? … They ask!

Has is to be this way? … We ask!

Will there be another way? … The world ask!

Who can answer these questions? … We now ask?





My Inheritance

I looked into the empty chest not long ago

 That was my inheritance many moons ago

I recalled on how this inheritance had made me rich

Now, what were they? So enrich!

The sun and horizon, bright at day

The smiles and laughter of the day

The moon and stars at night

The sounds of crickets at twilight

The rhythm of the falling rain

The crispy fresh air after the rain

A list of sacrifices from loved ones of old

A legacy of wisdom from memories of gold

Lessons of love and kindness from mother

Lessons of righteousness and a dictionary from father

These were all my valuable inheritance

That had made me rich in all instance

It’s now, to hand over to the next generation of life

The treasure of my valuable inheritance that made me whole in life





The Mystery of Time

Time travels at great speed

It flies within a blink of the eye

Time is felt but time does not hold

It slips through the fingers, warm or cold

Time evaporates as the clouds

It does not stagnate at the ponds

Time is slow for some

As a dementia looking into the clouds

The equation of time is hard to define

The equivalence of time is hard to refine

Time depends on each make up in life

It does not constraint within a span of life

Time is a space, time is a void

Time can remain as still as it can be

Time is a reality, yet elusive, an illusion, a mystery

Time that goes beyond all human understanding

The Mystery of Time