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APRIL 2015






In A Dark Chamber
(U Tamnoj Komori)


But that's not what your mother said about you
Polaroid star.
Stupor is a thought of death
putting out senses in a moment's cocoon
lightening up their silence.
Didn't she say
Put your faith in the bed's shallow relief,
in a dark chamber, the illuminator's trade?
Yes, I sort of  remember her,
but I don't know who you are.
You'll fall asleep, you'll slip into an answer.
But, I am not human, one does not notice I'm not alive,
I don't look after myself,
I don't cradle anything alive in my arms,
I borrow, I sell, I spend  it all,
I am a glittering mutant in a common darkness,
and you, who are you, do you rearrange things?
For the sake of that burnt gold of youth only.




I Remember Everything
(Svega Se Sjecam)


If that's everything, I remember everything. 
houses thrown around amidst the inaudible,
A child's speech, crowded, obsessed,

in the garden, amongst strawberries,
life's bites,
do you then pardon the simplest of things?

Those eyes so narrow!
It hasn't been forgotten!

All that I love will be killed!
I can read it from my mother's palm,
The dryness of the world, words walking over the water,
That's the kind of city this is, ruined into objects.
One after another,
that's left of home.




Drawing Oneself Is The Easiest
(Najlakse Je Sebe Nacrtati)


Drawing oneself is the easiest!
En route, definitely en route,
as a dot a condensed circle.
Neither rain, nor sun, or air,
all that is full is empty here.
The reflection
of houses upon one's back.
But you won't calm down souls with a word
nor with a bang upon the door,
everyone darts out of the house at once. 
Only the eye remains, round, petrified,  
That's the easiest thing to draw,
the smile we need
a blazing wheel, a prayer'r mill
to grind and grind down what's already been ground
until it turns red hot white.
It's clear then,
tomorrow I will be available for love
but not today.




What Us Means
(Sto Znaci Mi)

I float in amber
hidden from the sun, from a beastly morning giggle
in thin gravity
dreaming of edible colours, the crimson of your heart
an android's gleam, the feast of manly and womwnly limbs
When I enter this house
the table is already  set, princes and prinsesses flee
and in a twinkle of  an eye, if they still don't know who they are,
I find out what us means.




So What If I Live Unskillfully
(Pa, Sto, Ako Nevjesto Zivim)


So what if I live unskillfully,
if I stagger
mutilated to a thousand eyes 
Until late at night I classify tiny little nightingales, almost killed
I open and open the screens of distance within them
What if I want to breathe, to eat
where there is nourishing soup of air and books
at which I will sit
lean my chin on my palm
until my hand withers
and my eyelids confirm
So what if I take only the books from you
mouth for our kiss




Travel Fever (Translated By Miljenko Kovachichek)
(Putna Groznica)


On the table there is a list 
of what I care for
Caressed things, thrown-away things
creep through half-alive stones and grass
they pull through and fall in
And the bird, on heavenly crossroads
singing, falls into itself
And a man, going after himself,
as if he was another one,
reaches out his hand
and falls in
So, who could really wish just for
the unseen, no witnesses
To seize the omnipresent
for eternal breathing




Travel Fever (Translated By Boris Gregorich)
(Putna Groznica)


On the table a list of things
I care about
Pampered things, rejected things
They crawl through the half living rocks and grass,
they sneak and implode
And bird, on the heavenly crossroads,
singingly implodes
And man, following himself,
as if he were someone else,
extends his hand
and he implodes too
So, who would precisely want
the invisible, to adopt
without witness, the ubiquitous 
for eternal breathing




The Experience Of Nothing
(Dozivljaj Nicega)


She suddenly jumps and says
Not a step further, look!
And turns her head around with both of her hands,
drags in front of you the hollow smile of a little girl
on the mute head of a mature woman.
Look, look and look!
Do not live!
I will do all that now
and I’ll show you how.