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JULY 2015




Drum Circle

Sacred drums
ignite romance.
The heart with pulse,
current and flow,
inspires in runes and ritual
the words raised for praise.
The poet works in internal
and external rhyme -
keeps the rhythm of forever
the poetry of eternal time.
The sacred drums
of rhythm and rhyme,
words raised for praise
in pulsing measure.
Inspiration with poetic breath,
the dynamism of life
uniquely expressed.




Gathering The Roses

Gathering our harvests
with our phrases as colorful bouquets
the perfect fragrance carries the scent
with perfection and with just the right sentiment.
Our flowery essence blooms with praises -
a thousand flowers are designed
with unforgettable remembrance.
We activate the energy, the lingering perfumes
help us to see, to hear and appreciate
each delicate and unique flowering.
We cultivate our poems, infused with buds and blooms,
which speak of eloquence and embrace this floral vastness.
The beauty and diversity of each single rose
is honored with artistry in full poetic color.




That Day

That day given for grass cutting, bird feeding, cleaning, poetry reading
The gifts of time and loving labors, expertise not guaranteed
Poetic notes, folded together with wrappings saved from the hand made
New and old poems always heard, enter into our timelessness
We are helped by the mother of muses
The archetype of remembrance, memory herself
Ever present she reminds us to savor our treasured times
The illuminated moments, lyrics, music and notes, folded together
unfold through wisdom and words of poet Kahlil Gibran
a legacy from a line in his rhyme recalled
the message sent of work as love made visible
message from the poet Kahlil Gibran
Sent from his legacy as a line in his rhyme
sung through the muse
of work as love made visible a line in his rhyme
Still bright with flame, our poetic notes play on air
On that day, given for grass cutting, bird feeding, cleaning, poetry reading
The gifts of time and loving labors, expertise not guaranteed
Wrapped, shared and saved, we collect  memories
With treasures of the timeless, legacies of small moments
the bits of memory the gifts of connecting thoughts
the poetry heard fovever and in our always




The Main Stage

Breathing, a breath in real time
the force that can really heat up a stage.
A focus in authentic space
suspension-free movement, the dancing existence,
a place for your dynamism, a place for your choice.
Spinning the whirl of your spiral dance
sharing your passion, inflection, direction,
and perfected moves with your personal grace.
A lightness for laughter makes sparks for the possible,
curving prevailing awareness.
Your dance of the atmospheres reaches new heights
changes in the current gives the scenes some new stretch.
Moving toward center and out toward the edge,
your practice of patience, desire for compassion,
and natural gifts, lights up your presence.
You are shown to altars of significant events
A moment of eternal: A peak experience.
Your very own version of the Anever the same
is a voice for your moving, feeling, vision quest
singing the hopes of the deeper breadth.
Art in the making, transforming
the universe smiles, the cosmos expands our stage.
We assemble for the artistry of being.




Dancing Dynamism

Each dancing universe, our universe, the one that each of us own,
fires our passions, internal intension, our dance of together and not alone.
Our gift of life dance with dynamic of swing and sway,
of whirl and swirl, ignites the moving phrases.
More gifts of  rhythm, lyric and feeling connect with our dances of insight and song.
Encounters, plans, and purpose, parade and process, guide our presence along.
The continuum of always, keeps time in the present.
Nature forces the tempo for our urgency and emergence.
We share energy in real time with ordinary and extra ordinary measure,
sculpting the perfect place in available space.
We give our own life pulse, as a beat to wake our designs and shapes,
professing our love of the expected, while we hope for the unexpected curve.
All changing qualities and environments serve as excitements.
With feeling and form we reach for the touch of connection.
Moving together we fuse scenes and secrets, arts in action and collaborations;
the well defined and undefined line moves our dance of together and not alone.
Each of us as a living poem, lives the gifts of this shared and vivid universe,
a universe we all call our home.
New thoughts and remembered graces help us to shape, define and redefine.
We engage our poetic and heroic archetypes with classic and modern names.
Well defined or undefined, we move forever in this dance of together and not alone,
striving with each gifted breath toward the greater breadth
that compels invention and creates innovation.
Each poem takes a shape and a share of this dynamic universe:
This same place where each of us claims a space and a time as our own.
We take the challenge for our significance, and try history to make our difference.
Each chance ignites the pulse of the dance,
warms up the orchestra, endows us with the moving mystery.
In this gift of  a universe we all call our own,
we are dancing together and never alone.