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Dear Poets and Friends of Poets

You are especially invited to attend the 25th World Congress of Poets in Sampran Riverside in Thailand. You will meet poet friends from around the world who are anxious to greet you and hear your poetry. Everyone is welcome to read at the assigned times.

Please prepare for your poetic journey now. We can make the world into a better place through our poems. The UPLI motto is: World Brotherhood and Peace through Poetry.

All poets in Thailand and I are opening our doors to see you all have a good time, and to honor you. Wear your UPLI medals and other poetry honors proudly. Our Silpakorn friends will show you the good places to see in Bangkok and other places. Be one of the first 70 members to sign up for the

25th World Congress of Poets in Thailand at the Sampran Riverside in Nakorn Pathom Province, near Bangkok, Thailand.

Please fill in the complete registration form and send in your poetry and bio for the anthology. Each attendee will receive one program anthology free, and others will be for sale in the book room. Be sure and bring your books to sell, too.

The Silpakorn Band will entertain us all. Also, the Thai concert Band from the Thai Poets will arrange to play for you during the last day, and night too.

Please send a flag of your country or a banner to represent your UPLI affiliation. You may take it back with you the last day.

I say to everyone, “I will try my best for UPLI.” You are all in my mind along our poetic journey.


Puntalee Jirathun, NOI

President of the 25th World Congress of Poets

Presented by United Poets Laureate International, Inc