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In the next 3 months: September, October, and November, we will be featuring the winners of the 2018 Founder's Memorial Poetry Contest. This traditional UPLI contest is an ongoing project of UPLI Executive Vice President Dr. Wanda A. Rider, to honor the memory of UPLI Founder and 1st President Dr. Amado M. Yuzon. This year's Project Director is UPLI Board Member Ms. Marie Palazzolo.

Who we are

UPLI is a group of passionate poets from countries all over the world that aims to promote global peace, brotherhood,and understanding through poetry.

What we do

UPLI actively promotes poetry writing and appreciation in various languages and forms. Lately, UPLI conducted a Global Poetry Contest which generated hundreds of entries from 22 countries around the world.

World Congress of Poets

UPLI is the parent organization of the World Congress of Poets. Every two years, this Congress is organized and held in a different country, hosted by a UPLI poet from that country, who is designated President of the WCP for that  particular year.


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