by Bridget Eu Yoke Lin

A budding shoot, a mystic flower undreamed of...
Touches hearts and souls allure
One then ponders on nature’s awe
The power of mystery, yet unexplored

A new leaf springs, a new life
Sparks of hope, a new begin
Tells many stories of all things nice
Some sprinkled with a little spice

Soon the flowers fall, leaves in shades of autumn brown
Reflections, experiences joyous but some forlorn
Hold hands then, laugh and wait no more
Before winter comes, life can then be a bore

Enjoy sunshine, sunset whilst you can
A snooze to bed for a good night’s rest
And thank God, there are no more tests
A wish for tomorrow will bring forth the best

Soon, the next cycle begins
And autumn will repeat again
The Equilibrium in life!
The Equilibrium in life!

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