by Eva Tabaosares Kohr

The ashen gray skies hid the glaring eyes of day.
 As our winged-water taxi furrowed the blue prairie.
 Sea-wind’s soft whispers, like music in the gentle spray.
 My cares behind.    My soul adrift.  Danced in harmony.

 My heart leapt at the glimpse of the beckoning shore.
 With alabaster sands swept by the tide's ebb and flow.
 Along with sea-life from the ocean floor.
 And outgrown shells abandoned long ago.

The sounds of the crashing waves against the rock,
In haunting tones, reverberating high in the moon-strung air.
hereupon, Sea Sirens rise when midnight struck.
 And sing.  While moonbeams glow upon their streaming hair.

The seascape was a cacophony of sights, sounds and smells.
From the cries of peddlers with trinkets to sell.
And rows after rows of market stalls laden with wares.
To the fresh catch of the day, to tempt the palate of connoisseurs.

O Boracay!  The sands between my toes,
Long washed away.  But every footstep still echoes,
In the Crystal Cove caverns, when the wind blows.
You cast a spell.  Await for my return.  Will I?  Who knows?

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